Mages of Drom's Head

Building pieces of another world.
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Mission: Mages of Drom's Head
Status On hold
Release date Not available
Readme file Not available
Game Thief 2
Screenshots MODH
Download Not available

Mages of Drom's Head was my first major attempt at mission building, after a series of small experiments and false starts. It started as an attempt to build a large, circular library and an attached mansion built into a hillside, with only partially successful results: the library was build, and the mansion started, but I soon lost direction and inspiration. Worse, very poor building techniques meant that several areas were difficult to work with, far less efficient than they could be, and lacking in detail.

Mages of Drom's Head was shelved in favour of Shadowed Mayfield, and my intention is to rebuild it from scratch using the experience I have gained over the years. It forms an integral part of the larger story I want my missions to tell, so it will be released eventually!

Introductory text

The original intro text is now completely inappropriate for the mission as planned, and needs to be replaced.


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