Mission: Xavier's Library
Status Slow progress
Release date Not available
Readme file Xavier.txt
Game Thief 2
Screenshots Xavier's
Download Not available

Xavier's Library

This mission began life as my entry into uncadonego's No Pressure (Un)Contest from 2009. I've missed the 'Christmas 2009' deadline by just a little - first I made the mistake of exceeding the suggested size, then I decided to go for complicated details, and then Life Happened. What should have been a couple of months is now a couple of years...

The mission is a 'mansion-like' affair, providing multiple entry and exit points and a few twists. Architecturally, the main building in the mission is based around a real structure in my home town (which actually contains a real library!), and a number of textures used in building the mission come from photographs I have taken of the building. Externally the structures are very similar, internally they are completely different (partly as a concession to the Dark engine's limitations, partly out of gameplay necessity).

I should also note that the easily scared may want to avoid this mission. The mission does not involve undead enemies, but it does involve some features designed to be scary.
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