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Please note that this page is intended to be an end-user friendly list of significant and important changes, it is not an exhaustive changelog. If you want to see all of the changes in detail, you should look at the git commit log.

2013-07-28 Version 2.0.7

  • Removed direct use of flicker tweq for base breathing rate in TWTrapAIBreath, replaced with TWTrapAIBreathRate0 for base rate and TWTrapAIBreathRate1, TWTrapAIBreathRate2, and TWTrapAIBreathRate3 for editor control over breathing rates at each awareness level.
  • TWTrapAIBreath will scale back the breathing rate from Rate3 to Rate2 if an AI on high alertness does not have an `AIInvest` link (ie: it is not currently searching, pursuing, or attacking the player.

2013-07-26 Version 2.0.6

  • If TWTrapAIBreathStopOnKO is set to true, the TWTrapAIBreath script uses the IgnorePotion message sent when an AI is knocked out to stop the breath clouds as soon as the knockout occurs.
  • Added extra debugging for AIAwareness changes.

2013-07-24 Version 2.0.5

  • Added support for `TWTrapAIBreathLinkType` to TWTrapAIBreath

2013-07-21 Version 2.0.4 (Hyde Park Corner)

  • Significant changes to the way in which TWBaseScript and TWBaseTrap handle initialisation, strings, and other settings.
  • Added TWTrapAIBreath

2013-06-18 Version 2.0.2 (Marble Arch)

  • Modified simple arithmetic applied to quest vars when processing int and float parameters. Subtraction via explicit '-' is no longer possible; it must be done using addition of a negative number, so Foo=$qvar+-10 will subtract 10 from the value in the qvar quest variable.
  • TWTrapSetSpeedSpeed now supports the [intensity] value, allowing the script to use the intensity set in stimulus messages when set to be activated by such a message.

2013-06-09 Version 2.0 Alpha (Blackfriars)

  • Much of the PublicScripts-based framework has been removed, and replaced with a new set of classes. This has allowed me to cleanly implement many new features, including replicating and extending the 'NVTrap' behaviour controls found in NVScript.
  • TWTrapPhysStateControl has been renamed to TWTrapPhysStateCtrl, because the even the shorter version of the name is borderline painfully long, and the full version just makes it worse.
  • TWTrapSetSpeed and TWTrapPhysStateCtrl have been ported to the new framework and support all the TWBaseTrap parameters, plus their previously documented parameters.
  • The `TWTrapSetSpeed` parameter for the TWTrapSetSpeed script has been renamed to TWTrapSetSpeedSpeed, which is unfortunately repetitious, but necessary under the rules of the new framework.

2013-03-06 Version 1.0 (Fulham Broadway)

  • Initial release based around PublicScripts.


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