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Usage purpose

Unpublished reports by government departments, instrumentalities, operated companies, etc.

These reports are to be published in the Wikipedia sense of verifiability: A responsible organisation must have fact checked them; and the selection process for publication must not have been automatic.
Examples include government printed reports which lack ISSN or ISBN numbers, reports from major semi-governmental instrumentalities that are freely circulating and available for verification, but which lack a formal ISBN / ISSN publication process.

Usage summary

Horizontal format:

{{Cite report |title= |url= |author= |last= |first= |coauthors= |year= |publisher= |accessdate= |docket= }}

Vertical format:

{{Cite report
 | title      = 
 | url        = 
 | author     = 
 | last       = 
 | first      = 
 | coauthors  = 
 | year       = 
 | publisher  = 
 | accessdate = 
 | docket     = }}

Sample output (No author):

  • (1956) Rhode Island Roads. Rhode Island Department of Public Works. (Report).
  • {{cite report|title=Rhode Island Roads|publisher=Rhode Island Department of Public Works|date=1956}}


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