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This template is a convenience wrapper for the {{FlagBox}} template. It does not allow the user to override the image or text shown in the box - if you need to provide a different message, use {{FlagBox}} directly. This template is actually part of the template suite needed by the FlagPage extension.

Template Syntax

This template does not accept any arguments. You should simply place {{FlagAbuse}} in the page to insert this template.

See also

  • {{FlagBox}} - a simple message box template.
  • {{FlagDelete}} - a convenience wrapper for {{FlagBox|type=delete|...}}.
  • {{FlagFactCheck}} - a convenience wrapper for {{FlagBox|type=factcheck|...}}.
  • {{FlagMaintenance}} - a convenience wrapper for {{FlagBox|type=maintenance|...}}.
  • {{ambox}} - article message box.


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