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The structuring requirements described here are an attempt to compromise between ease of use and the need to store content in a machine readable form. While minor deviations from the requirements may not have a significant impact, major deviation will result in content being unsuitable for automatic processing.

Overall structure

Note that this document is still under construction, parts of this are subject to change.

The basic structure of a course namespace is:

  • a 'front page' of the form Namespace:Course (eg: C:Course). This is the main page of the course, and its contents are not specified beyond the requirement to include a link to Namespace:Coursedata at some point. You must include a Namespace:Coursedata link, but it may include any other content, and links to any other page from the Namespace:Course page.
  • A Namespace:Coursedata page that contains the structure of the course proper. The page must contain:
    • A level 2 heading == Themes == followed by links to the course theme pages, one link per line.
    • A level 2 heading == Resources == followed by links to the course Images page, Animations page, and Files page.
  • Each theme page must contain
    • A level 2 heading == Modules == followed by links to the theme modules, one link per line.
    • A level 2 heading == Metadata == followed by a link to the theme metadata page.
    • A level 2 heading == Resources == followed by a link to the theme map image
  • Each module page must contain one or more steps, all steps for a module should be on the same wiki page.
  • Each step must consist of a level 2 heading containing the step title, followed by the step content.


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