This template is called by {{Citation}} and (soon) {{Cite patent}} and should not be called directly. Rather, use {{citation}} or {{cite patent}}.

See also

  • {{Cite patent}}, creates links to US and other patents on the espacenet database
  • {{Citeref patent}}, for an inline citations to a patent bibliography
  • {{EPO Register}}, to include a link to the European Patent Register entry of a European patent or patent application
  • {{Patent}}, a generic template for general use referring to world's patent offices
  • {{US patent}}, to include a link to a US patent
  • {{US patent application}}, to cite a US patent application as a reference in "references" section
  • {{US patent reference}}, to cite a US patent as a reference in "references" section
  • {{USPTO Application}}
  • {{USPTO Patent}}


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