This wiki has a large number of templates installed, and it can be difficult to keep track of which ones are actually useful! This page introduces the templates that are more likely to be of interest to normal users of this wiki, along with some simple examples - more details for each template will generally be given on the template's page, and links will be provided for each template.

The FlagBox templates

The FlagBox templates can be used to add various sorts of information boxes to pages. The core {{FlagBox}} template is actually a convenience wrapper around {{ambox}}, removing some of the fiddly aspects of using that template directly, while the other Flag* templates are even simpler to use, but far more specialised.

  • {{FlagBox}} - a simplified, generic message/information box template that you may use in your pages. Several styles are available, each style includes an image and coloured box to indicate the type and severity of the message, and you may use any text you want as the box content.

The remaining Flag* templates do not allow you to select the image or text shown in the box, so they are only useful in very specific situations. They are listed here just in case they prove useful, however:

  • {{FlagAbuse}} - part of the FlagPage extension, can be used to mark a page or section as containing vandalism or other abuse.
  • {{FlagDelete}} - part of the FlagPage extension, used to mark pages or sections for deletion.
  • {{FlagFactCheck}} - part of the FlagPage extension, can be used to mark pages or sections that need to be checked for accuracy.
  • {{FlagMaintenance}} - part of the FlagPage extension, marks pages or sections that need the attention of an admin to fix problems.

The NavBox templates

The MenuBox templates

The MenuBox templates allow the user to easily create content boxes for menu pages like those found on the Main Page. There are three different templates to choose from (click on any of them to go to the template's documentation):

  • {{MenuBox}} - a single box, with optional title, that spans most of the page. The contents of the box can be anything you choose.
  • {{MenuBox double}} - two boxes next to each other, with optional titles. Both boxes can contain anything you want.
  • {{MenuBox linkbox}} - two boxes next to each other, with optional titles. The boxes contain optional images, and lists of links.

For examples of these templates in use, the best place to go is the Main Page - that demonstrates the MenuBox and MenuBox linkbox templates in a real use situation.


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