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Building pieces of another world.
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Ornate streetlights
Last update 28th August 2013
Download size 571KB
Download Twstrlant.7z

Ornate streetlights

This object is a from-scratch build of an ornate street lamp for Thief 2. The design is based around triple-housing, cast iron street lamps found in some areas of St Petersburg, Russia, with the Thief 'technomancy' glow ball/particle attachment found on the standard street lamps.

Version 2 adds more street lamp types, better texturing, and a number of fixes.

IMPORTANT: This update requires NewDark. It should work with any NewDark version, but if you aren't using the latest version, don't blame me if unspeakable horrors from beyond time and space decide that you look crunchy and would go well with ketchup.

The two and three lamp housing versions include additional vhots for attaching light markers. If the instructions below are followed, additional light fnords will be attached to the street lamps in the correct locations, regardless of orientation, and follow the lamps if you move them for any reason. It's not quite the same as having two or three light sources per street lamp object, but it's the closest we can get in the Dark engine!

4 Jack-o'-lanterns
Last update 26th October 2012
Download size 402KB
Download Pumpkins.zip

4 Jack-o'-lanterns

Four Jack-o'-Lantern pumpkins suitable for use in Halloween or Autumn-themed missions (including a couple inspired by objects in a well-known MMORPG). Instructions and source files are included, and the objects include vhots above the built-in candle for light and particle attachment.

Small gas light v2
Last update 28th August 2011
Download size 159KB
Download Smallgaslight.zip

Small gas light v2

This gas lamp is an alternative to the gas lamps supplied with Thief 2 and it should fit mansion missions rather better than the original. The lamp itself is intended to look somewhat like the lamps in Undying while having rather lower polycounts than the Undying object. It functions exactly like a standard gaslight and should act as a drop-in replacement.

UPDATED: Version 2 of the gas light is a complete rebuild, with new textures and mesh. This fixes a few bugs in the old version, and has slightly more polygons, otherwise it is a straight replacement for the old version.

Hanging brazier
Last update 28th August 2011
Download size 129KB
Download Hangbrse.zip

Hanging brazier

A hanging brazier, with chain and ceiling plate, designed to be hung from stone beams or ceilings. If set up with Object System -> Immobile and Renderer -> Runtime Object Shadow enabled, this produces some interesting light and shadow zones.

Note that this object looks best when used with Eshaktaar's bitmap flame particles.

Hexagonal Streetlamp
Last update 26th June 2004
Download size 111KB
Download Strlant6.zip

Hexagonal Streetlamp

This is a street lamp model for Thief 2 with a round (6 sides) base and square light housing. This model is virtually the same size as the original strlant object and it requires minimal work to set it up ready for use. This is a fairly old model, and could do with updating to look better - if you want a better quality version of it, contact me.

New torch v2
Last update 29th March 2010
Download size 152KB
Download Ntorch-v2.zip

New torch v2

New torch for Thief 2 that may resemble a torch you have run into in a different Thief game... Now updated to v2, including better texturing, a higher light vhot (so that you can get shadowing off the torch without a light offset if you turn on Object -> Immobile), and better detail.

Note that this object looks best when used with Eshaktaar's bitmap flame particles.

Wall mounted spotlight
Last update 29th August 2011
Download size 211KB
Download Object_Elecspo3.zip

Wall mounted spotlight

A wall-mounted spotlight street light, much like 'SpotStreetLamp' but with a wall mounting bracket rather than a lamp post. Includes vhots for the light source and a particle effect, so you can apply the standard street lamp particle combo.


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