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The following downloads are mirrors of the CoSaS release packs, released by Digital Nightfall (Dan Todd) over a series of posts in The Editor's Guild at TTLG. The author of this site claims no credit for any of these files.

The CoSaS release packs contain objects created by Digital Nightcall, Redleaf, Yametha, Daemonite, Schwaa, Phantom, Saturnine, Zombeh, SilentSleep, Pkaa, Gron, Nameless Voice, Eshaktaar, tdbonko, Christine, and Vigil. Textures were created by Digital Nightfall, Redleaf, Saturnine, CRC, Wille, Phantom, Schwaa, Eshaktaar, Yametha, Pkaa, and Vigil.

In some cases the images shown for the downloads represent only a small, edited portion of the images supplied in the archive.

RP11: 80 Doors
TTLG thread 80 doors
Download size 4.84MB
Download rp11_doors.zip

RP11: 80 Doors

80 doors of various kinds, plus variations including texture replacement plaques.

RP12: Tiffany Lamps
TTLG thread Tiffany Lamps
Download size 1.19MB
Download rp12_tiffanylamps.zip

RP12: Tiffany Lamps

8 different Tiffany Lamps (assuming you like that sort of thing)

RP13: 58 Tables & Stands
TTLG thread Tables & Stands
Download size 6.47MB
Download rp2_tablestands.zip

RP13: 58 Tables & Stands

Impressive selection of tables, from expensive-looking to plain and basic.

RP14: Noble Skins & Drunk Voice
TTLG thread Nobles
Download size 3.48MB
Download rp14_nobles.zip

RP14: Noble Skins & Drunk Voice

A collection of 22 new AI skins (12 male and 10 female, and including 4 in sleepwear), and the autio files and schema for a drunk male voice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The TTLG thread linked here contains some important notes about using the contents of this release pack, make sure you read it!

RP15: Lights of all Types
TTLG thread Lights
Download size 3.26MB
Download rp15_lights.zip

RP15: Lights of all Types

53 electric lights in various styles, oil lamps, torches and other light-type objects.

RP16: Desks, Cabinets, and Dressers
TTLG thread Desks, etc
Download size 5.34MB
Download rp16_deskcabdres.zip

RP16: Desks, Cabinets, and Dressers

A selection of desks, cabinets, and various similar pieces of furniture. Includes a number of models with jointed drawers and doors.

RP17: Drapes (curtains)
TTLG thread Drapes
Download size 919KB
Download rp17_drapes.zip

RP17: Drapes (curtains)

It's curtains for you! Mwahahahahahaha!!!!

Ahem. 18 drapes objects, including single a double drapes.

RP18: Musical instruments
TTLG thread Musical
Download size 2.07MB
Download rp18_musical.zip

RP18: Musical instruments

Victrola, piano, harp, and a few other bits.

RP19: Flowers
TTLG thread Flowers
Download size 3.36MB
Download rp19_flowers.zip

RP19: Flowers

38 plants and flowers, and 2 plant pots.

RP20: Bookcases
TTLG thread Bookcases
Download size 1.25MB
Download rp20_bookcases.zip

RP20: Bookcases

8 bookcases of varying levels of detail.


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