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Replacement street signs
Last update 29th August 2011
Download size 284KB
Download Streetsigns.zip

Replacement street signs

This is a rebuild, reskin, and extension of the Thief street sign model. In addition to a single sign on the post, there are versions of the model with two signs (on opposite sides of the post, and at right angles), three signs, and four signs. See the notes below about texture replacement. Note that, unlike Nameless Voice's street signs, you can not change the angle or height of the signs on the posts: they are fixed at 90 degree intervals and at the same height. This may be sufficient for many situations, but if you need more complicated street signs, look up Nameless Voice's version.

The archive includes a project file for GIMP and instructions for making your own street names for the signs.

Replacement turbine
Last update 29th August 2011
Download size 210KB
Download Turbine3.zip

Replacement turbine

A new turbine object similar to the turbine provided as standard with Thief 2 except with better quality texturemaps and 12 sides instead of 6. Virtually the same size as the original (slightly longer).

UPDATED: now updated to the latest version as used in Xavier's Library.

Replacement compass
Last update 2nd July 2004
Download size 157KB
Download Compass3.zip

Replacement compass

A replacement for the standard Thief/Thief2 compass with individual compass point letters and a bronze/glass centre. I'm not really happy with this, it needs quite a bit of work - expect this to be changed at some point (I should be using the same object name, so you can use this and just replace it with the updated one if/when I do it.)


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