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The following downloads are mirrors of the CoSaS release packs, released by Digital Nightfall (Dan Todd) over a series of posts in The Editor's Guild at TTLG. The author of this site claims no credit for any of these files.

The CoSaS release packs contain objects created by Digital Nightcall, Redleaf, Yametha, Daemonite, Schwaa, Phantom, Saturnine, Zombeh, SilentSleep, Pkaa, Gron, Nameless Voice, Eshaktaar, tdbonko, Christine, and Vigil. Textures were created by Digital Nightfall, Redleaf, Saturnine, CRC, Wille, Phantom, Schwaa, Eshaktaar, Yametha, Pkaa, and Vigil.

In some cases the images shown for the downloads represent only a small, edited portion of the images supplied in the archive.

RP1: Beds
TTLG thread 178 Beds
Download size 7.56MB
Download rp1_beds.zip

RP1: Beds

178 beds in a range of styles.

RP2: Portcullises
TTLG thread Portcullises
Download size 293KB
Download rp2_ports.zip

RP2: Portcullises

Drop-in replacements for portcullis objects in all OMs and FMs that do not use custom portcullis objects of their own.

RP3: Ladders
TTLG thread Ladders
Download size 229KB
Download rp3_ladders.zip

RP3: Ladders

Drop-in replacements for ladder objects in all OMs and FMs that do not use custom ladder objects of their own.

RP4: Keys
TTLG thread Keys
Download size 306KB
Download rp4_keys.zip

RP4: Keys

18 keys in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.

RP5: Tinderbox and Flares
TTLG thread Tinderbox and flares
Download size 695KB
Download rp5_flare.zip

RP5: Tinderbox and Flares

A lit flare, and tinderbox with unlit flares. Be sure to check the included readme, as it contains instructions for setting up these in your mission.

RP6: Chairs
TTLG thread 103 Chairs
Download size 3.03MB
Download rp6_chairs.zip

RP6: Chairs

103 different chairs, in a range of colours and styles.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The original CoSaS RP6 contained several chairs with broken UV mapping. R Soul created fixes for these chairs, and I have included the fixed versions in this archive!

RP7: Chests, Boxes, & Luggage
TTLG thread Chests, Boxes, & Luggage
Download size 1.13MB
Download rp7_chests.zip

RP7: Chests, Boxes, & Luggage

A new jewellery box, and several different forms of luggage chest.

RP8: Folded Clothes
TTLG thread Folded Clothes
Download size 1.87MB
Download rp8_clothes.zip

RP8: Folded Clothes

49 folded clothes objects, basically reskinned T1 folded clothes objects.

RP9: Books and Scrolls
TTLG thread Books and Scrolls
Download size 4.44MB
Download rp9_bookscrolls.zip

RP9: Books and Scrolls

A wide range of scrolls, sheets, notices, books and similar objects. Includes bookends, too.

RP10: Light Gem & Health Shields
TTLG thread Interface
Download size 455KB
Download rp10_interface.zip

RP10: Light Gem & Health Shields

Updated light gem and health shields as used in Mission X


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