Shadowed Mayfield

Building pieces of another world.
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Mission: Shadowed Mayfield
Status Slow progress
Release date Not available
Readme file Not available
Game Thief 2
Screenshots Shadowed Mayfield
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Shadowed Mayfield began as a building experiment - I wanted to see whether I could replicate the architecture of the now-derelict Mayfield Station in Manchester, England. The mission grew up around the building, now declared to be a warehouse in South Quarter near the docks, and was originally going to be a fairly simple city mission. Over time, increasing levels of Plot have happened, and the already somewhat sinister introductory text only scratches the surface of the real problem...

The mission has also been split into two pieces - the Dark engine has limits, and the only way to include everything needed is to split the mission. Now one part takes place in the South Quarter around the Mayfield warehouse, and another takes Garrett a long way beneath it, to another piece of the buried Lost City...

Introductory text

Normally I'd be thankful for autumn, its longer nights and frequent fogs chasing away the fleeting nights of the summer. This year was no different, until a few weeks ago that is. Now the air seems heavy with... something eerie, the fog and mist twist and billow in unsettling ways, and shadows seem crowded with slowly creeping dread. The oddly-tinted moon shines down on deserted streets, streets that would usually be bustling even as night falls, and city sounds seem muffled and dead.

I'm not sure how Samuel found out how to contact me, but he wouldn't really be much of a "Private Investigator", as he calls himself, if he couldn't. His letter was left in one of my favourite drop points, too... I'll have to change that one soon.

Mr Garrett,

Over the past week I have been investigating a most curious and disturbing chain of events. My client employed my services after the City Watch refused to investigate the disappearance of her husband, and I fear that his disappearance may be linked to a string of increasingly frequent kidnappings, apparently ritualised murders, and bizarre events throughout the City.

I have reached an impasse in my investigations, an impasse that will require special skills to overcome, and so I have been forced to contact you. My office is in a building in the recently renovated area of South Quarter, on Millstream road by the tunnel. In my office you will find my notes, case details, and some 500 gold in gems as the first part of your payment. If you can obtain the information needed to solve the case - the whereabouts of my client's husband, why he disappeared, and what is behind the recent events - no less than another 2500 gold will be paid on recipt of the information.

The building housing my office will be locked, but I am quite sure this will not be an impediment for one of your skills.

Samuel, P.I.

I'd usually ignore something like this, but 3000 gold would certainly help with the rent...


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