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The following downloads are mirrors of the CoSaS release packs, released by Digital Nightfall (Dan Todd) over a series of posts in The Editor's Guild at TTLG. The author of this site claims no credit for any of these files.

The CoSaS release packs contain objects created by Digital Nightcall, Redleaf, Yametha, Daemonite, Schwaa, Phantom, Saturnine, Zombeh, SilentSleep, Pkaa, Gron, Nameless Voice, Eshaktaar, tdbonko, Christine, and Vigil. Textures were created by Digital Nightfall, Redleaf, Saturnine, CRC, Wille, Phantom, Schwaa, Eshaktaar, Yametha, Pkaa, and Vigil.

In some cases the images shown for the downloads represent only a small, edited portion of the images supplied in the archive.

RP21: Loot
TTLG thread Loot
Download size 3.9MB
Download rp21_loot.zip

RP21: Loot

A selection of coin stacks, heaps, purses, jewellery, silver and gold jugs and vases, crowns, and a new statue.

RP22: Pub set
TTLG thread Pub set
Download size 4.05MB
Download rp22_pubset.zip

RP22: Pub set

Glasses, tankards, wine racks and glass racks.

RP23: Bathroom set
TTLG thread Bathroom
Download size 1.29MB
Download rp23_bathroom.zip

RP23: Bathroom set

Victorian-style toilet, basins, bath, and towel rail.

RP24: Gambling set
TTLG thread Gambling
Download size 2.68MB
Download rp24_gambling.zip

RP24: Gambling set

Various sorts of gambling tables, slot machine, chips, and a card deck.

RP25: Bow & Quiver
TTLG thread Bow & Quiver
Download size 325KB
Download rp25_bowquiver.zip

RP25: Bow & Quiver

Bow and quiver objects. Heed the warning the the first post in the TTLG thread if you value your hair!


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