This section contains a number of tutorials, primarily aimed at Thief 2 but they may work in Thief 1, written by the site author or others.

Tutorials by The Watcher

Tutorials by others

The following tutorials were written by other people, and are hosted here as mirrors. Some of these tutorials are rather old, and some techniques they discuss may have been simplified by custom scripts.

BoundsTrigger demo & tutorial
Author [pbucko]
Download size 70KB, 4KB
Download Bound.zip, Bound.txt

BoundsTrigger demo & tutorial

A demo mission created by pbucko that demonstrates how to use BoundsTriggers. Bound.txt contains a tutorial that discusses BoundsTriggers and their use (aimed at Thief2, but should work in Thief1).

Note the demo mission is not darkloader ready: you must load it into dromed!

Dromed Map tutorial for The GIMP
Author Salvage
Download size 345KB
Download Salvage's Maps Tut.pdf

Dromed Map tutorial for The GIMP

How to make maps for DromEd in The GIMP, originally by Savage, converted to pdf by qolelis. Note that the tutorial contains a link to a blank maps zip that was hosted on Salvage's old website, but that file no longer exists (not even in the Wayback Machine). I recommend that you look at Vigil's Thief II blank maps instead.

Replacing AI Skins
Author Nathan
Download size 123KB
Download Replacing_AI_Skins.zip

Replacing AI Skins

A tutorial written by Nathan that provides an introduction to using AI skins in Thief and Thief2. The zip file also contains an example replacement skin, and a list of AI models, the base mesh texture used on each model, and descriptions for several AIs.


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