Please note that this page is intended to be an end-user friendly list of significant and important changes, it is **not** an exhaustive changelog. If you want to see all of the changes in detail, you should look at the git commit log.

2013-07-28 Version 2.0.7

  • Removed direct use of flicker tweq for base breathing rate in [TWTrapAIBreath](TWTrapAIBreath.html), replaced with `TWTrapAIBreathRate0` for base rate and `TWTrapAIBreathRate1`, `TWTrapAIBreathRate2`, and `TWTrapAIBreathRate3` for editor control over breathing rates at each awareness level.
  • TWTrapAIBreath will scale back the breathing rate from Rate3 to Rate2 if an AI on high alertness does not have an `AIInvest` link (ie: it is not currently searching, pursuing, or attacking the player.

2013-07-26 Version 2.0.6

  • If `TWTrapAIBreathStopOnKO` is set to `true`, the TWTrapAIBreath script uses the `IgnorePotion` message sent when an AI is knocked out to stop the breath clouds as soon as the knockout occurs.
  • Added extra debugging for AIAwareness changes.

2013-07-24 Version 2.0.5

  • Added support for `TWTrapAIBreathLinkType` to TWTrapAIBreath

2013-07-21 Version 2.0.4 (Hyde Park Corner)

  • Significant changes to the way in which TWBaseScript and TWBaseTrap handle initialisation, strings, and other settings.
  • Added TWTrapAIBreath

2013-06-18 Version 2.0.2 (Marble Arch)

  • Modified simple arithmetic applied to quest vars when processing int and float parameters. Subtraction via explicit '-' is no longer possible; it must be done using addition of a negative number, so `Foo=$qvar+-10` will subtract 10 from the value in the `qvar` quest variable.
  • `TWTrapSetSpeedSpeed` now supports the `[intensity]` value, allowing the script to use the intensity set in stimulus messages when set to be activated by such a message.

2013-06-09 Version 2.0 Alpha (Blackfriars)

  • Much of the PublicScripts-based framework has been removed, and replaced with a new set of classes. This has allowed me to cleanly implement many new features, including replicating and extending the 'NVTrap' behaviour controls found in NVScript.
  • TWTrapPhysStateControl has been renamed to TWTrapPhysStateCtrl, because the even the shorter version of the name is borderline painfully long, and the full version just makes it worse.
  • TWTrapSetSpeed and TWTrapPhysStateCtrl have been ported to the new framework and support all the TWBaseTrap parameters, plus their previously documented parameters.
  • The `TWTrapSetSpeed` parameter for the TWTrapSetSpeed script has been renamed to `TWTrapSetSpeedSpeed`, which is unfortunately repetitious, but necessary under the rules of the new framework.

2013-03-06 Version 1.0 (Fulham Broadway)

  • Initial release based around PublicScripts.


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