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TWScript is a collection of script modules for Thief 2. These scripts are provided under the terms of the GNU GPL v2, a full copy of which may be found in the LICENSE file in the distribution directory, along with other license information.

TWScript would not be possible without the Public Scripts package released by Telliamed (Tom N. Harris), and I would like to express my sincere thanks for his generous contribution to the community.

I'd also like to thank LarryG for his suggestions, patience, feedback, and willingness to be a guinea-pig.


In order to use TWScript with missions, it must be made available to Thief 2 in a location it recognises.

Players can place the .osm in the Thief 2 directory and, if it is not provided with a mission, Thief 2 will use that version.

For editors, the simplest method to include TWScript is to place the .osm in your mission's directory inside the Thief2\FMs\ directory, and use FMSel to select your mission when editing it. When you distribute your mission you can simply zip up your mission directory and distribute that.[1]

How to find out which version you have

It's not immediately obvious to the end user which version of the twscript.osm you may have installed. Luckily, there is a way to find out: follow the steps in Version Checking if you need to work out which version is present.

Script documentation

The links in the following navbox are only likely to be of interest to mission authors who want to use TWScript in their missions. Players should generally never need to read any of the following to play missions using the scripts.

  1. Note that doing this does have the downside that the version of the osm included with your mission will not get any bugfixes or updates unless you repackage your mission. Another, albeit less reliable, method is to simply state that players must install the .osm in their Thief2 directory - but if you do that, expect to run into problems if players do not follow the instructions! (Note: They won't follow the instructions. The mere fact that you're reading this footnote is shocking to me.)


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