TWTriggerAIEcologyFireShadow implements an approximation of the old FireShadow behaviour where, when slain, the AI does not immediately die - instead it attempts to flee and increases speed rapidly.

This script also makes the AI drop items (fire crystals typically) and it handles despawning the AI and updating the AIEcology when the AI is removed.

Design Note Parameters

This script supports all the following arguments in the Editor -> Design Note in addition to the arguments given in the TWBaseScript and TWBaseTrigger documentation.

Type: time
Default: 1s
Once the AI has been slain, a timer is started with this rate which increases the speed of the AI every time it fires.
Type: float
Default: 0.8125
The amount to multiply the AI's TimeWarp attribute by every time the timer fires. The smaller this is, the faster the speedup happens.
Type: float
Default: 0.03
The minimum timewarp the AI can have as a result of repeated speedups.

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